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SIS gives you a best work environment; we are here to provide you a professional work with our best professional team. The quality of the soil on your site plays a key role in your construction projects. As a result, you need to identify the characteristics of the soil to determine its ability to support your structure. SIS enables you to assess the suitability of the soil, providing you with vital data for informed decision making and planning.


The geotechnical department of SIS provides subsurface investigation services for a broad range of projects, Comprehensive geotechnical recommendations will be provided that are tailored for the project needs. Our staffs are well experienced and are qualified to provide geotechnical consultation to a wide variety of construction projects.

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    Our Principle is provide good services, valuable performance, Excellence work,  Opportunity to learn, last but not least Quality.

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    Our reliable goal is, competitive and the best services provider in the field. We will set the standard to which our competition aspires.

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    We will add value to our clients’ operations, by providing practical, innovative and responsible environmental consulting services.


We have to provide three types of drilling methods and techniques with different depth and diameter of bore holes.


We have to collect the samples with different sampler, which is applicable for soil and rock both disturbed and undisturbed samples.

Lab test

Test are performed by geo-technical engineers, geo-technical technicians to understand the characteristics of soil & rock.

field test

Field test is basic and necessary part of Geo-technical & construction line. we provide this facility with responsible and professional staff.


Borehole Drilling

Trial pitting and trenching

Cone penetration testing

Pumping tests and permeability testing

Plate bearing tests and in-situ CBRs

Desk studies

Walkover surveys and geological mapping

Laboratory testing

Geophysical surveys

Preparation of factual and interpretative reporting

Design and planning of ground investigations

Health & Saftey

Causes We Support

  • SIS supports Engineers without Borders to end poverty in Pakistan.
  • SIS supports student bursaries at any of University in Pakistan
  • Determine the suitability of the soil and assess whether it can accommodate your construction project
  • Identify the different types of soil on your site and their location
  • Test your soil for strength, density, compaction, contamination, organics and sand content, and assess their impact on your construction project
  • Gain the data you need to compile technical and safety data reports to support planning permissions and license applications
  • Get precise results and observe the development of the soil throughout your construction project for maximum quality and safety.
  • SIS supports The Mustard Seed to give hope to the homeless in our communities.

Knowledge Section

drilling & sampling

Geotechnical Drilling and sampling of soils and bedrock provides information about the formation and stability characteristics vital to the construction industry. By studying these characteristics along with ground water and bedrock mapping it allows the process of construction to be carried out in the best manner with no surprises.

soil testing

Soil is one of the most abundant building materials on earth. Each project starts at the ground level and the soil needs to be tested to ensure it can support the loads of the project. In today’s demanding construction environment, contractors can’t afford not to have real-time testing performed during soils placement.

geotechnical investigation

Geotechnical investigation are performed to obtain data on physical characteristics of soil/rock around a site to design earthworks & proposed structures, or to support the repair of distressed earthworks/structures caused by subsurface issues.

Soil Investigation Services

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