Health & Saftey

Health & Safety


Health and safety are paramount in every aspect of our work. SIS will empower all employees to create and maintain a safe and healthy workplace, and will provide the training and tools necessary to do so.

Determination Drilling is vitally committed to the safety & well being of our employees, and anyone remotely involved with any of our projects.  We have developed critical tools and procedures for our operators to administer into each & every site including equipment checklists, joint safety analysis, toolbox safety meetings, last minute risk assessments, utility compliance forms, etc…

Our Health & Safety Program is the best in the business which when followed through eliminates virtually any hazard which may arise.  We are very proud of all the hard work we’ve put into developing this program, however health & safety is never a closed book…we continue to add to this living breathing documentation/training commitment to ensure a safe workplace for everyone.

Soil Investigations Services carries out environmental and geo-technical drilling operations at a variety of sites throughout Pakistan. The nature of the projects sometimes requires the equipment to be transported into tight spaces and /or rugged terrain

In order for a safe drilling environment, preplanning the project is an important step. We must determine the scope of the work, including the location and number of boreholes that are to be drilled, depths, sampling systems, and sampling intervals. Secondly, we require all necessary underground and overhead clearances (private and public) for the site where work will be carried out. Any property boundaries must be identified prior to work on the site.

On-site and Off-site utilities can include but are not limited to: – Natural Gas – Local hydro distributors – Sewers – Water supplies – Bell/Cable lines, etc.

In accordance with Soil Investigation Services, this Health and Safety Plan will be reviewed by all personnel working on this site during a meeting conducted before the start of any work. All personnel must fully understand, agree to, and comply with the measures contained in this document at all times.

Tailgate meetings will be held prior to the start of every workday. The Health & Safety Plan will be reviewed and the proposed work to be carried out that day will be presented. Tailgate meetings will also held when on site conditions have changed or there is a change in the work schedule/plan.



As a knowledge-based business, our employees are the foundation of our success.