Career Opportunities at Soil Investigation Services

We will develop and maintain a team of exceptional employees, and provide challenging career opportunities in which they can grow and prosper. we are committed to promoting job satisfaction and personal pride within a stimulating and enjoyable work environment.

At SIS, one of our major goals is to satisfy our staff with an enjoyable work environment, through providing:

  • Cooperative and caring team atmosphere
  • Assertive, clear communications and professional conduct based on mutual respect and equality
  • Ergonomic and healthy workplace
  • Exciting projects
  • Personal, technical, and professional growth opportunities
  • Vivid two-way mentorship culture: opportunity for mentees and mentors to change roles
  • Opportunity to serve the communities we operate in
  • Opportunity to produce the highest quality services
  • Appreciation to the contribution of all our employees

Some of our current career opportunities are posted here. If you feel that you contribute and adhere to our Mission, Vision, and Principles, or have a unique talent you want to share with our team, we encourage you to contact us and send your resume, or just pick up the phone and let’s talk! Even if we might not have a career opportunity for you right away we will contact you when we have a perfect fit for your unique talents.

Send your Resume at:

Please note that only applications made through our website will be considered. Any application made through any other website will not be considered or will be at a disadvantage in processing time. We DO NOT use any agencies for hiring our employees and all interviews will be held at our head office.

Senior Geologist

MS/ BS in Geology,

Having 10 years of field experience, onshore and offshore know about geotechnical work, & drilling work.


BS in Geology,

Having 3 years field experience, know about Drilling, sampling & logging, Manage site properly.